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Empowering parents to support their autistic children and celebrate their gifts

How I can help

My mission is to educate about life with autism and promote honest conversations about autism, especially within Black, Brown and ethnically diverse communities.

I’m passionate about recognising cultural and personal biases, stigmas and misconceptions and supporting families, organisations and communities on their journey to understand autism and how to talk about it courageously. I fulfil my mission by designing workshops, delivering talks and creating a safe space for people to learn and share their experiences.

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"Children can thrive with proper support
– and it starts with us as parents and carers"

I’m Reena Anand, and I designed this website to hold the resources I wish I had when I first started researching autism. To read more about me, click here.

You may be a family that has just received a diagnosis, or at the beginning of the journey feeling that your experiences with healthcare professionals are disjointed, making it more challenging for the right support for your child to be identified.

You may be afraid to ask authorities for help. Or you may have asked but have struggled to be heard. You may have been sent from pillar to post or – even worse – told to wait. When you are desperately trying to help your child, have a semblance of family life and fulfil your roles in the community who have no idea about your daily challenges, it can feel like you’re alone on this journey.

You may be a manager with employees that have autistic children and not know how to best support them. Or a school that’s struggling to connect with BAME autism parents.

It shouldn’t be like this.

This is why I’ve created this community. 

So we can be open, honest and brave – supporting one another along the way with our experiences and know that we are not alone.

  • Understanding autism.
  • Owning the diagnosis.
  • Developing confident conversations about it.

My talks and workshops provide a space for this. 


Follow me and my work in real time.

And if you’d like to join our open Facebook community Empowered Autism Parenting which amplifies the voices of our autistic children, you are very welcome. 

I’d love to meet you there. 


Published pieces I’ve written sharing my experiences of autism parenting and wider issues


Listen to my weekly podcasts, “Unpacking Autism”


Helpful websites and organisations I’ve accessed along my journey


Where I’m speaking and what I’m up to

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