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You’re exhausted. You’re stressed. You’re struggling to understand your autistic child.

At last, here’s a step-by-step way to feel confident to understand, and advocate for your child. Find out how my Empowered Autism Parenting Programme can help you create a fulfilling life your whole family will love, instead of one that feels like a constant struggle.

Being a parent to an autistic child can be a real challenge: as an autism mum myself, I often wished there was a manual to make it a little easier! Being an autism parent is all-consuming and isolating. Can you relate?

I was stressed and exhausted, struggling with two children, one of them autistic, not knowing how to help our family thrive. 

I transformed our family life, going from feeling I was just scraping by, to feeling empowered – now you can too. 

I understand what my autistic child needs, and now have the energy to engage with him in a positive way. I’ll show you how to do this for your child, in my new Empowered Autism Parenting Programme, designed especially for autism parents and carers from a global majority backgrounds.

Come along to a Zoom version you can access wherever you live. 



“Hi, I’m Reena. As an autism mum, I’ve been where you are. I know how daunting it is to get the autism diagnosis for your child and think “so now what?”. Even as a lawyer, I didn’t feel equipped to advocate for my child. I was so stressed, struggling to juggle family life, and feeling like my relationships with family and friends were suffering, along with my own wellbeing. 

Our life was chaotic and stressful because we didn’t understand what our son needed to thrive, we didn’t have the tools to help him, and we were exhausted by trying to find out how to understand his world and help him flourish. 

But there is hope.

I transformed our family life, and now I am confident I understand the cues my son gives and can meet his needs in a way I never thought possible. And my new Empowered Autism Parenting Programme will give you this confidence too. I can’t wait to start this incredible journey with you!”

How would it feel to finally understand your autistic child’s needs, so they can thrive? 

What if you could feel empowered to advocate for your child, to give them the support they need to bloom and live their happiest life?

What if you could learn to understand your autistic child and create a family dynamic where everyone’s needs are met?

And what if you could help your community understand your child too?

You can, when you enrol on my Empowered Autism Parenting Programme, especially for autism parents and carers from global majority backgrounds.

This inspirational and informative six-week course is designed to help autism parents and carers like you to build and enjoy a thriving family life, leaving uncertainty and exhaustion in the past.

I designed my programme to help parents and carers of autistic children from global majority families to feel empowered to create the family life they want, feel equipped to advocate for their autistic children and feel part of a community of parents experiencing similar challenges.

Over the course of 6 weeks, you’ll learn strategies and techniques you need to understand your child’s needs, how to bring out their unique talents, and how to create a calm environment you’ll all thrive in.  

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Is the Empowered Autism Parenting Programme right for me?

You’re in the right place if you:

  • are the parent or carer of an autistic child from a global majority background (please see FAQs for a definition)
  • are desperately trying to juggle family life with an autistic child, and feeling burned out, emotionally and/or physically
  • are struggling to find time to look after your own wellbeing, and other relationships
  • feel isolated, and unsupported by your community
  • feel guilty that you feel angry or upset with your autistic child, because you are struggling to meet, or fully understand their needs
  • lack the confidence you need to tell your elders, or wider family members that your child is autistic
  • want to learn to be a positive advocate for your child, and yourself
  • want to create a family life that you all enjoy and feel grateful for
  • crave a family life where everyone is heard, everyone’s needs are met, allowing a deeper emotional connection 
  • are willing to look deeper into yourself, and challenge your own lifelong conditioning
  • will put the time and effort into creating new systems that work for your family

As an autism mum, I’ve been through this journey myself, and come out the other side feeling confident and clear on how to move forward. So, I’m uniquely qualified to show you how to get the answers you need, and support you after what can be a stressful, frustrating, and frankly exhausting process. 

Let me be your guide, and your cheerleader, to help you navigate this path with more ease than you thought possible. 

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The True Story of an Autism Mum Who Learned How to Support Her Child to Thrive – and How You Can Too!

When I received my four-year-old son’s autism diagnosis I felt completely overwhelmed. I didn’t understand him, and struggled to communicate with him meaningfully. 

As a result, I was losing my temper and feeling so guilty, like a complete failure as a parent. 

Sound familiar?

Like you, I felt stuck. I didn’t know anyone in my community with an autistic child. I didn’t feel confident to share his diagnosis because of a deep sense of shame, guilt, and fear of judgement.

I was sleep deprived, emotional, and increasingly isolated from friends. I couldn’t find time for my own needs. 

I felt extremely low and unable to invest in any of the relationships which gave me strength and joy. Being an autism parent can be all-consuming, and very lonely. 

Can you relate?

I had to take action, for the sake of my autistic child, for my family, and for myself.

So, I completely changed my parenting style and revaluated my own values and beliefs. I realised that my background was impacting my autistic child. Changing my own parenting style made all the difference.

Slowly, our family life improved. Until one day, I realised I could finally do the things other parents took for granted: going out for dinner, inviting friends over, going on holiday, even taking time for myself.

It was life changing. We did it, and my son is thriving. And so are the rest of our family.

I discovered it is possible to create a family life I love and where my child is thriving, not just surviving. Finally, our family are connecting on a deep level, rising above judgement, and giving support to other autism parents in the community. 

We had to go through this journey alone. But I was determined that no other parents, particularly from global majority backgrounds, would have to face this battle on their own. 

That’s why I created the Empowered Autism Parenting Programme. 

This inspirational and informative in-person or online programme is designed to help autism parents and carers like you to build and enjoy a thriving family life.

Through my new programme, I’ll help you feel empowered to advocate for your child. With me by your side, you’ll find it so much easier to navigate the autism world. 

I know it can seem impossible to carve out time or energy for anything extra. But please believe me when I tell you it is worth every minute. 

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Reena Anand

What Other Autism Parents Are Saying

I’ve worked with autism parents from global majority backgrounds for years, and parents of my 1-2-1 coaching sessions have seen rapid transformation:

[It] has left me feeling empowered to be an advocate for my neurodiverse child whilst being heard about how hard it is as a parent to go through this. It was invaluable to hear from someone who has experience of diagnosis whilst navigating our own diagnosis. Thank you so much Reena.

My big takeaway from our conversation was the knowledge you shared about mental health and anxiety with ASD children. Just the simple statement that you made 'we all have mental health' made me see mental health differently. The biggest thing that has changed is that I am not scared of using the word autism loudly in the household.

Very useful to speak to a parent who has been there in the school system, knowing how to deal with teachers, nursery staff, taking a very diplomatic approach as opposed to an angry frustrated one.

Just look at what autism parents are saying about other workshops I’ve delivered:

"This was an excellent session. I've learned to feel empowered and to be proud of raising a child with autism as well as learning to say no when it does not suit the needs of my family."

The most powerful thing for me is that my personal experience is shared by others and that I am not alone. It was a very relatable session with lots of relevant shared experiences

The training showed me new ways of feeling empowered and how my child can still feel a part of society; it was so good; it couldn't be better

Eye opening. It spoke to me as a parent and how I influence my children and their behaviour. Reena was clear and pointed out topics that are difficult but then used this opportunity to empower us.

I've learned that acceptance comes with time and with learning. I think this talk should be given in schools and in autism support groups everywhere.

I've learned to be more understanding to the needs of the child and communicate with everyone involved in their care. Also, to make people aware of the issues with my child no matter how hard it might feel for me.

If you want to start seeing results like these, then you need to book onto my course now.

Here’s what you get when you enrol on my Empowered Autism Parenting Programme:

  • You’ll benefit from my simple six-week programme of dedicated support
  • You’ll discover why your child reacts in particular ways to particular situations
  • You’ll have a toolkit of strategies that you can employ to help engage your child 
  • You’ll feel confident to foster conversations around autism outside of your home
  • You’ll discover the language you need to describe your children’s behavior and what their support needs are
  • You’ll develop a wider understanding of the importance of community in raising your autistic child 
  • You’ll find out how to create circles of mutual support
  • You’ll feel empowered, with techniques to engage and appreciate your child, and make life a lot easier
  • You’ll understand the importance of nurturing your, and your children’s mental wellbeing
  • You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the foundational aspects of your children’s development, which explains much of their behavior and reactions to the outside world rather than it being “just the way they are”
  • You’ll be able to confidently advocate for your, and your child’s needs to people outside of your home such as school, with wider family and your community
  • You’ll be able look at yourself in the mirror and say “I’ve got this”
  • You’ll finally feel like you’re in control of your life again

And that’s not all. If you’re one of the first three to enrol, you’ll save £20.

This programme is only open to a limited number of people, so I can give you the right amount of help, whilst giving you time to connect to other parents in the group. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Week 1: Intros and Insights

2 hours in-person, or 1.5 hours online

In this session, we’ll get to know each other, with informal introductions from everyone so we can share our parenting experiences and the key issues you want support with. We’ll also go through the course outline, and I’ll answer any questions. 

Week 2: How Our Heritage Affects Our Parenting

2 hours in-person, or 1.5 hours online

We’ll look at the definition of success; what does happiness mean to you and your child? This is vital to building a thriving relationship with your autistic child.

I’ll teach you how to effectively praise your child to develop a solid parent/carer and child relationship. You’ll also learn how to set and enforce boundaries. 

I’ll demonstrate the value of quality time and what this might look like with an autistic child. 

I’ll guide you to understand the developmental stages of a child.

Together, we will critically analyse our heritage and parenting, consider conscious parenting verses obedience-led parenting.

Week 3: How to Create an Outstanding Support Network

2 hours in-person, or 1.5 hours online

You’ll learn and understand how to navigate the unique issues experienced by autism parents from global majority backgrounds, such as the lack of a word for autism in many languages, feelings of shame, judgement, lack of understanding of autism, racism in society, and why we need to extend grace to our elders, and how to do that.

We’ll explore the importance of working together to be an outstanding support network for your child, and how to share the load by knowing and using your circle of interdependence, from partners, wider family, and school.

Week 4: Sensory Needs and Family Gatherings

2 hours in-person, or 1.5 hours online

Together, we’ll improve your understanding of your child’s sensory needs and how you can adapt to these whilst maintaining your cultural individual practices, such as weddings, religious festivals, and family gatherings. 

I’ll also give you techniques to navigate trips out with your autistic child to minimise stress for both of you.

Week 5: How to Help Other Relationships

2 hours in-person, or 1.5 hours online

We’ll dive into your child’s relationships with other children, whether they are siblings, friends, or classmates, with practical tips on managing behaviour, easing conflict, and setting boundaries to help them get along. 

Week 6: How to Safeguard Mental Health

2 hours in-person, or 1.5 hours online

This one’s a biggie: you’ll learn how to help manage your own, and your child’s mental health. This includes developing empathy, the importance of labelling emotions, managing anger, and practising self-love. You’ll also learn about the law and safeguarding rules of the UK.

This programme is exactly what you need to empower yourself to help your autistic child thrive.   

To take part in this programme:

Online on Zoom in the evening on Tuesdays from 7.30-9pm

Online Programme Benefits:

  • Log in to our weekly live sessions on Zoom from wherever you are
  • There’s no need to travel, and you can dial into Zoom from home, in comfort
  • Build a community with fellow autism parents as you all learn together
  • You and your partner or co-care giver in your household can both benefit and learn at no extra cost
  • Download the resources to refer to later
  • Access your dedicated Facebook group to get to know one another better and support each other
  • Get support every week in a Facebook Live to check-in and see how things are going

Starting on Tuesday May 16th for 6 weeks at 7.30-9pm, continuing every Tuesday at 7.30-9pm, finishing on June 27th 2023. There will be a one week break over the Half Term Holiday. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need this programme?

Because parenting an autistic child is hard. Their needs will continue to change and as parents, we need to adapt accordingly to create environments that help them thrive and feel safe. You don’t need to travel this journey alone. By joining the programme you’ll benefit from a small community of like-minded parents with similar issues, sharing stories and supporting and understanding each another, as well as sharing tips and strategies that have worked for their child.

What does global majority background mean?

Global majority is a collective term that refers to people who are Black, African, Asian, Brown, dual-heritage, indigenous to the global south, and/or, have been racialised as ‘ethnic minorities’. It is increasingly being accepted that the term BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) isn’t representative of the people it’s intended to encompass and can exclude particular groups of people. 

Can I attend the programme if I don’t come from a global majority background?

Absolutely – the programme is open to all parents and carers of autistic children. However, please note from the course content that I will be spending some time on how our cultural conditioning and ethnic backgrounds can impact how we parent our children. 

I’m an autism professional, can I join this programme?

This programme is created particularly for parents and carers. I have a different offering for organisations and professionals who are interested in understanding the intersection of autism, race and culture. Please contact me for more details.

How do I know you'll be able to help me and my autistic child?

Take a look at my website and social media, where I talk about lots of the issues I’ve faced as a parent of an autistic child. If any of it resonates with you, book in a free 15-minute chat with me to see if my programme can help you feel like a more empowered parent.

What if I can't make all the sessions live?

By investing in this programme, you are also investing your precious time. So, every module covers a different element and none of the content is duplicated. I ask you to be clear that you can attend every session at the set time before you make the commitment to pay for it. The sessions will not be recorded because they are bespoke to each group. You will get the best results possible when you attend each session.

What if I don't have the time to attend the live Q&A each week?

It’s fine if you can’t attend live: you can email your questions to me, and I’ll answer them in the Q&A which you can listen to on replay as many times as you like.

What ages does this programme cover?

Ideally your child will be between the ages of 4-11. As all children are different, if your child is outside this age range, book in a free 15-minute chat to find out if you’ll benefit from my programme.

Can my partner do the programme with me?

When you book an online place, your partner can come for free, and I’d encourage them to do so!

How much support do I get as I make these changes?

You have the exclusive Facebook group, where you can get to know one another better as well as view all the live Q&As. In between the sessions, you can post questions in the Facebook group related to that week’s topic for further support. I’ll share handouts of the week’s strategies too.

Time left to Book


I can only accept a small number of people into each group of this exclusive programme, so join now before all the places are taken.

Although I will run the programme again, it won’t be for a while, and if you’re anything like me, you need these strategies straight away, to start your new life of thriving, not just surviving. The price will increase to £500 when I next run it, so this is your opportunity to benefit from my programme at an exclusive discounted price. 

I can’t wait to help you feel confident to build your best family life, Reena

P.S. Imagine waking up in a couple of months, feeling calm, and looking forward to spending the day with your family. What a transformation that would be.

It’s possible, and you don’t have to imagine it. All you have to do is take the first step and click here to enrol in the programme. Do it now so that you can save £20. I am so excited to work with you on transforming your child’s life, and your family’s future.