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Public speaking is an integral aspect of many roles whether it’s speaking up on an online call or addressing an auditorium of hundreds. According to the research, most people are terrified but what if you happen to have a preference for introversion, and/or you are a person who is neurodivergent too? If so, then the challenges with anxiety, organising what you want to stay, staying on track and delivering what you want to say can be amplified.

During this session experienced executive coach Joseph Anand, and guest expert contributors Reena Anand and Nicole Etienne, will discuss Public speaking strategies for women who are introverted and/or neurodivergent

During this webinar, we explored and found out:

  • How to manage anxiety and nerves
  • How to prepare and stay on track when speaking
  • How storytelling and knowing your why can help
  • How what holds you think holds you back could be your superpower

Watch the recording below:

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