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Appreciation for my sessions

As a parent of a 5-year-old autistic child, I really appreciated your talk yesterday at the Autism show.

I particularly enjoyed the part about places of worship. You hit the nail on the head, when you said, ‘I need a place to be accessible to him!’. I am not worrying any more, to try and fit in and stressing myself or my son for that matter. It’s what will work for my son and not the other way round – so, thank you very much for that reminder.

I've learned to be more understanding and supportive to my daughter and towards my grandchild.

I've learned to be more understanding towards my grandchild. That my grandchild is special in his own way.

I've learned to be more understanding to the needs of the child and to communicate with all involved in his care. Also to make people aware of the issues I might have with my child, no matter how hard it is for me.

My key learning is to be proud of being a parent to an autistic child and also to be open with my family about my feelings.

The session was very real and relatable. I enjoyed sharing information and appreciated the personal touch you gave by talking about your own family.

It really helped me to learn that my personal experience is shared and that I am not alone.

My key takeaway from the session is to dedicate time for myself and I've learned that acceptance comes with time and with learning. I wish your talk could be given to schools and in other autism support groups.

This session was very relatable with lots of relevant shared experiences.

We invited Reena to speak on the panel of the third annual LIFT Conference at Saatchi & Saatchi because of her reputation as a speaker and advocate specialising in the intersection of race and neurodiversity – and we are so grateful for her outstanding contribution to the conference. She brought a level of insight, expertise and practicality to the subject that helped the attendees reflect and connect. Our post event survey showed an immense appreciation for the entire segment, especially Reena’s contribution.

Throughout the planning and execution phases, Reena demonstrated a high level of professionalism, patience, excitement and an unwavering commitment to the theme of diversity and inclusion. Her passion for fostering meaningful conversations, even in challenging spaces, perfectly aligned with the conference's objectives. Saatchi & Saatchi is truly grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such a dedicated and accomplished professional. We anticipate future collaborations with Reena and appreciate the unique perspective she brough to the discussion surrounding neurodiversity and inclusivity.

Thank you Reena for your part in making the LIFT Conference an amazing event.

Saatchi Diversity Task ForceSaatchi & Saatchi

The Greater London Authority commissioned Reena to speak about the experiences of parenting neurodiverse children for Disability History Month. Reena delivered a rich and enlightening talk exploring how unconscious ableism can perpetuate inequalities in our workplaces and communities and how we can start dismantling barriers, fostering understanding and envisioning a future of inclusion. Attended by over 60 staff, including those leading the GLA’s SEN work and our own in-house HR teams, it provided important food for thought and raised awareness of the challenges faced by often invisible groups. It has pushed us to think about how we can do more as an organisation.


What a brilliant session, Reena. It’s already prompted some great follow up conversations and action in my team and I know others found it very thought provoking. Thank you so much for your time and inspiration to make change happen.

I can't recommend Reena highly enough – she recently did a brilliant session with us at General Pharmaceutical Council


Reena is not only incredibly accomplished professionally but she is also a devoted parent possessing a passionate commitment to supporting children and young people with autism. She has a particular interest in helping organisations develop culturally sensitive tools, support systems and ideas to ensure that children from all backgrounds are able to flourish and parents appropriately supported. Any talk with Reena, is one that will freshen one's perspective, encourage a revision of previously held assumptions and help renew one's commitment to doing all that we can as individuals or within organisations to ensure that what we offer is always inclusive, kind and evidence-based based in its approach. Highly recommended as a speaker.

Dr Kathy WestonTooled Up Education - Founder

Many thanks again for the amazing talk today, as well as for your work more broadly. There is such a need for improving representation in mental health /developmental research, and your talk conveyed why this matters in an incredibly tangible and convincing way.

Patrizia Pezzoli, M.Sc., Ph.D.Lecturer, Division of Psychology and Language Sciences
Children and Young People’s Mental Health Projects Lead UCL

We recently invited Reena to be the keynote speaker at our Disability Pride event. If you want your neurodiverse colleagues and their allies, particularly those from the Global Majority, to feel seen, respected, and elevated, then I recommend you book her too. To support this position, I would like to share some results from our employee feedback survey. 97% of respondents said they took a lot away from the talk. Approximately 25% of attendees reached out to request a more detailed follow-up session. The requests included support on adopting neuro-affirmative language, navigating the school system as the parent of an autistic child, understanding sensory needs, and the intersection of race and autism. If you want similar results in your own organisation, I am confident Reena will deliver them.

Danielle OrmshawInclusion Lead at Emerald Publishing Limited

Reena delivered some teaching sessions for our medical and optometry department teaching. She is a hugely inspiring and insightful speaker, and we have all taken something away to improve how we can be more inclusive for our patients with autism.

Katherine AnguigePrincipal Optometrist – Paediatrics Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Thank you so much for delivering the amazing training session on 14/12/2022.
Your valuable insight and knowledge about Culture really strengthened what we know about the impact on autistic folk and I want to acknowledge the work you put into it, thank you.

Helen FleetwoodAdult Services Manager Centre for ADHD & Autism Support

Reena is a fantastic and inspiring speaker. Her talk with us was incredibly insightful as she shared her own experience of parenting a child with autism. It was also fascinating to learn more about her perspective and the challenges she’s faced from a cultural and intersectional lens, one that certainly needs more airtime and should open up many more conversations. Reena’s talk will help steer us as an organisation to support our colleagues and ourselves as we all navigate complex lives.

Regulatory body

Working with Reena has been a pleasure. She did an utterly fantastic job for us and was so well prepared. She carried out extensive research on all our panellists, which greatly informed the well crafted questions for each of them. The result was a thought-provoking and engaging discussion from start to finish. All our panellists have also commented on how brilliant she was to work with. We would gladly work with her again.

Dr Hope ChristieTooled Up Education - Head of Research 
ACAMH Eric Taylor ‘Translational Research Into Practice’ Award Nominee

I have thoroughly enjoyed the workshops that Reena ran for the parents at our school. Both the Parents/Carers and I learnt a lot from the topics discussed. I think it is important that our parents are able to have access to the support that Reena provides from her lived perspective. The work she is doing is valuable. Reena was flexible with her approach to best suit the needs of our parents and families, making the input a great success. Thanks Reena and I look forward to working with you again.

Ciara McConeHead of Speech and Language Therapy, Phoenix School (Tower Hamlets)

Reena Anand provided a valuable contribution to the ‘Board Diversity’ panel at the Governors for Schools Conference 2023. Reena spoke articulately about both the need for more diverse school boards and the practical ways in which the governance landscape can platform a wider range of voices. We received lots of positive feedback following the session, with attendees rating it an average 4.6/5 and commenting on how useful they found the discussion. As an organisation, we’d be very keen to explore how we could collaborate with Reena again in future.

Louisa HannCommunications and Engagement Manager
Governors for Schools
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