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Appreciation for my sessions

As a parent of a 5-year-old autistic child, I really appreciated your talk yesterday at the Autism show.

I particularly enjoyed the part about places of worship. You hit the nail on the head, when you said, ‘I need a place to be accessible to him!’. I am not worrying any more, to try and fit in and stressing myself or my son for that matter. It’s what will work for my son and not the other way round – so, thank you very much for that reminder.

I've learned to be more understanding towards my grandchild. That my grandchild is special in his own way.

I've learned to be more understanding and supportive to my daughter and towards my grandchild.

I've learned to be more understanding to the needs of the child and to communicate with all involved in his care. Also to make people aware of the issues I might have with my child, no matter how hard it is for me.

My key learning is to be proud of being a parent to an autistic child and also to be open with my family about my feelings.

The session was very real and relatable. I enjoyed sharing information and appreciated the personal touch you gave by talking about your own family.

It really helped me to learn that my personal experience is shared and that I am not alone.

My key takeaway from the session is to dedicate time for myself and I've learned that acceptance comes with time and with learning. I wish your talk could be given to schools and in other autism support groups.

This session was very relatable with lots of relevant shared experiences.

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