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Discussing autism acceptance in your community or workplace

I’ve developed a series of workshops for parents, public sector organisations and companies including:

  • how to navigate and understand an autism diagnosis from a cultural perspective
  • how organisations can ensure their inclusion policies take an intersectional approach 
  • how schools can ensure equity for neurodivergent children from BAME backgrounds

I've learned to be more understanding towards my grandchild. That my grandchild is special in his own way.

It really helped me to learn that my personal experience is shared and that I am not alone.

This session was very relatable with lots of relevant shared experiences.

Created for:

  • Team managers
  • HR leads and departments
  • Employee network groups

Having been a people manager for several years, I know how challenging it can be to provide the right support to employees with autistic children, however well-intentioned organisations may be. I also share my insight on the typical challenges neurodivergent employees may be facing and the long term impact on employee wellbeing so organisations can be more proactive in serving staff that may be struggling in silence. I help organisations turn their inclusion policies into an equitable culture where everyone thrives.

Created for:

  • Charities and social enterprises
  • Community groups
  • Parent support groups

My talks share my personal experiences and are packed with practical tips and insights about supporting the autistic children in our lives from a cultural perspective. I speak with a passion that stems from my deep-seated belief in the beauty and uniqueness that every autistic child brings to this world.

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Created For

  • Teachers and teaching assistants
  • Headteachers and senior leadership teams

Many teachers want to do more to support their autistic BAME children and their families but are under increasing pressure to balance tailored pastoral care alongside their other responsibilities. I offer bite-sized sessions to facilitate smoother triangulation between home and school life with a focus on how to support our autistic children so they can thrive.

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